Our Journey

We want to share with you the wonderful experience of using essential oils, let this be an experience that will gratify your soul in a very deep level. How drop of mint started…Seeking to reconnect with our true and inner selves, integrating a more holistic approach to our lives, finding solutions that do not have a negative impact to our bodies and the planet and looking for ecological and sustainable options to incorporate into a more natural lifestyle, we teamed up to create and share this project with you, hoping to reach as many people as possibly in order to generate awareness in our daily habits and help to be that change that so much is needed to leave a better place for future generations.

Our purpose

Being conscious about who we are, about our body, mind and soul has led us to this path of nurturing ourselves with natural alternatives to feel happy and fulfilled.In this time of uncertainty, humanity is moving towards a very important moment that will change forever the perception that we have of the world as we know it today, a world where we look and seek for reconnection, healing and balance in our life, with ourselves and with the ones we love. Because living like we have been through the last decades is not feasible anymore.Join us in this change and experience through natural solutions, essential oils and accessories to create a different lifestyle. Listen to yourself, follow your intuition and take the path back to basics in a pure and conscious way and be part of the change. Welcome home…

Nancy & Alma Partners, cousins and friends


Our purpose is to be leaders in natural, ecological and sustainable solutions and products, creating responsible consumption habits with the environment and our body to generate well-being in a holistic way with the use of therapeutic-grade essential oils.