Why doTERRA?

Why doTERRA?

Not all essential oils are created equal. In fact, it is important to know that there is NO entity that regulates essential oils, their purity depends on what each company tells you. Empower yourself and do your own research on the different essential oil companies on the market as they are not all the same.
dōTERRA is a wellness company that offers us 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils and on the other hand they have a humanitarian vision. With the world's purest essential oils as their flagship product, doTERRA has an incredible vision to help empower people using a natural approach throughout their organization. You will be surprised what essential oils can do for your quality of life.
doTERRA was founded in 2008 in Utah, United States with a mission to share the best of nature to promote the health and well-being of people. Currently, it is the only company in the world that offers pure and therapeutic grade essential oils.
Despite this, dōTERRA does not do mass marketing. Why not? For dōTERRA, sharing essential oils is a unique experience; It is NOT selling, it is teaching people to change their lifestyle to leave so many chemicals behind and return to the basics: Nature. From the beginning we sought to support the health of our families with 100% natural and reliable essential oils, since we planned to use them with our children. Therefore, it had to be an unadulterated product, free of pesticides and synthetics, but in addition, the company had a sustainable mission regarding the product and offered the best quality product, not the cheapest to make.
As the essential oil industry grows by leaps and bounds, you will begin to see essential oils everywhere. But there are two factors that play an important role in the effectiveness and quality of essential oils.


When doTERRA selects the plants that it will use to make its essential oils, it takes into account the place of origin of the plant, how it is grown, the soil, the temperature, and the climate. When these factors are optimal, the plant reaches its highest potential and best quality.
One of the defining differences between doTERRA and other companies is the fact that doTerra sources its oils from different parts of the world, where the plant grows to its fullest potential. The CO-IMPACT SOURCING model ensures that doTerra's global network is exclusive, where doTerra works with farmers and distillers directly to support the local economy. As there are no intermediaries, doTERRA works directly with producers, establishing best practices throughout the essential oil supply chain, thus promoting sustainable practices, fair wages, community support, bonuses, and products of unparalleled quality.


When essential oils contain fillers or other elements that dilute and alter their purity, their ability to function at their maximum capacity is compromised. To reap the full benefits, essential oils must be used in their purest form. Each batch of doTERRA oils is put through 54 different tests and one third party test to ensure that every bottle of oil put on the market is 100% pure. Many of the bottles that you find in the market that claim to be "100% pure" are not, in addition to being of very low quality, they are adulterated. Because there is no body that regulates the purity and quality of essential oils, doTERRA has set the benchmarks in the industry to decide if an oil is 100% pure or not. doTERRA calls this quality standard CERTIFIED PURE THERAPEUTIC GRADE (CPTG) which exceeds industry standards.
To check the cycle of quality and transparency, you can make sure of the components of your essential oil. Take a bottle of doTERRA essential oil and at the bottom there is an ID number, type that number on the page www.sourcetoyou.com so you can see the results of the tests that were done on that batch of oils. Do you know of any another company that does this and is this transparent?
It is crucial that you only use pure essential oils that come from the environment where the plant thrives best in its natural environment so that the chemical components are the best. doTERRA would never compromise or sacrifice the purity of an oil.

Here is the big difference:

The process of other companies
- Farmer
- Distiller
- Broker (local)
- Broker (international)
The doTERRA Process
- Farmer
-Testing (54 tests + a 3rd)
- Consumer
The thing is, you probably didn't think twice when you saw an essential oil that is labeled as 100% pure, however we hope that after having this information you won't think the same about it anymore.
When you are ready to make those changes in your life and understand the big doTERRA difference, we can help you begin this journey that will change your life.


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